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Our experience will protect the client involved in any civil or criminal action for his best protection,also in view of the latest rulings of the cassation.

The Supreme Court, on Article 3 of the Act 8 November 2012 No. 189, according to which “the practitioner of the health profession who in the conduct of his activity adheres to guidelines and good practices accredited by the scientific community does not respond criminally through mild negligence”. We do not promote the action against the doctor, but we protect the client who, as a result of medical – surgical operations, has suffered injuries.

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Common medical causes

Patient death and possible competition among doctors
Injuries of nerves, vessels, adjacent organs, during surgeries
Garze, laparotomy pieces and surgical irons left in the body after surgery
Poorly placed clips
Abnormal sutures or removed too early
Drains not put where needed or left when they had to be removed
Embolisms, thromboembolism formed due to the failure to administer anticoagulant therapy following surgery
Hospital infection damage
Damage from hemotransfusion
Vaccine damage
Breaking teeth or prostheses during intubation manoeuvres
Failure to recognize fractures, both limbs and ribs and shoulders
Injuries to nerve endings or motor nerves during herniated disc operations
Insertion of prostheses too short
Postoperative infections and bleeding
Forgotten scalpel blade residue sits in the knee for meniscus operations
Failure to recover leg due to clumsy ligament surgery
Spinal cord injuries due to non-immobilization of the spine after a fall

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