Real Estate Law


Del Monte Law Firm, thanks to its consolidated experience in the real estate operations sector and thanks to its solid expertise in civil, corporate and commercial law, corporate law and finance, construction and urban planning, environmental protection and legal capital markets, is able to guide and assist clients in every area of real estate activity, following their operations in every aspect

Looking for a Real Estate Lawyer in Rome?

Our real estate law department offers a wide range of consulting activities. With the best assets and results achieved to date, we operate in the field of corporate law and acquisition operations. We follow our clients from rent and private sale to important entrepreneur operations that can be acquisition and merger but also in ordinary management and development programs.

The main specialized sectors we take care of concern the following areas:

  • Real estate sales
  • Housing and commercial locations
  • Contract registration by the conductor (regularization contracts in “Black”)
  • Rent or sale of business
  • Portfolio operations development
  • Real estate enhancement
  • Realization of great works
  • Institution and management of funds or constitution, placement and listing of real estate funds
  • Merger and acquisition operations
  • Extraordinary finance
  • Advice to Italian and foreign clients for investment operations in Italy



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