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Are you looking for a criminal defense attorney, a litigator, a family lawyer or a banking law expert? Expert Lawyer  in Rome
[see above]  Are you looking for qualified legal assistance in Rome on matters of criminal law, business or labor?
[see above] Have you encountered any problems during a succession?

You can rely on our firm. With over a decade worth of experience and the assistance of our trusted associates, Del Monte Law Firm can provide you with the necessary legal assistance in a wide array of cases. [see above] A dedicated lawyer is assigned to each client in order to provide him with constant feedback and thorough information about his rights under Italian law, the best strategy to ensure a successful outcome of legal procedures and the state of his case.

Del Monte Firm   adheres to high professional standards, helping clients in any circumstance that may require legal assistance at reasonable cost. A first orientation meeting will be provided to all firm clients free of charge

Furthermore, Del Monte Law Firm will provide You with a clear, comprehensive cost estimate before mandate. Cases worthy of Legal Aid will be evaluated.

Attorney Federica Del Monte and her Rome-based Firm will provide you with the necessary assistance in civil, criminal, and banking matters both in Rome and in Courts of Law throughout Italy thanks to the assistance of fellow lawyers duly mandated and domiciled in the Courts respective jurisdictions.
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Our Firm has deep expertise in the field of: public contracts, property and real estate, building and urban planning, public employment, competitive exams, energy and environment, sport and entertainment law, family and divorce law, co-ownership, corporate law, contracts and damage compensation.

We aim to pay our fullest attention to the client’s every need, and strive to do so in an atmosphere of courtesy and serenity. Our firmprovides legal aid  in litigation and offers advice in both judicial and non-judicial dispute settlements. Our activity is geared towards both private clients and small to mid-sized enterprises.
[see above] We prioritize high professional standards in the pursuit of the desired outcome and a fair economic treatment of our client (personal payment schemes can be agreed upon).

We welcome active participation from our clients so that the most appropriate strategy and course of action can be agreed upon before any action is undertaken for the satisfaction of their needs. [see above]

Our firm operates in the traditional field of civil and administrative law, but over time has expanded into criminal defense with the avail of dedicated consultants for each specific matter.

Feel free to contact us now by telephone, Whatsapp, Signal and text. We remind you that our firm adopts state of the art technology to ensure the privacy and security of all communication between lawyer and client.

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