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Community Regulation 261 of 2004 establishes the amount of refunds: for a delay within 2 hours of departure time, the traveler is not entitled to anything, from 2 hours onwards he is entitled to the assistance of the ground staff, which consists of kinds of Comfort like water and food. Over the 180 minutes of delay the refund is triggered: And here the entity varies depending on the distance traveled by the route on which you travel. For a race within 1,500 km (e.g. Rome-Paris) The compensation is 250 euros.

If the trip is longer, returning between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers as a trip between Naples and London, the reimbursement is set at 400 euros, while for longer flights, such as transatlantic flights, you are entitled to 600 euros compensation. If the delay is at least 5 hours the passenger in addition to the compensation has the right to give up the flight without having to pay penalties and reimbursement of the ticket price for the part of the trip that is not carried out at the same price to which it was purchased.

The same type of compensation divided by kilometric bands is valid if the flight is cancelled or if the access to the aircraft is denied by overbooking. In addition to being able to
Move on a subsequent flight or repay the ticket, the pecuniary compensations, however, are invalid if as explained by theNationalCivil Aviation Authority (ENaC) The airline shows that prolonged delays, or cancellation, occur “due to exceptional circumstances, such as adverse weather conditions, sudden and unpredictable flight deficiencies from the point of view of security and strikes.”

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