Damaged baggage

Has your baggage been damaged?

If you come to your destination your baggage is damaged, you are entitled to compensation.

Before leaving the airport you have to report the incident to the lost and found office with airfare and baggage receipt and then fill out the special form PIR (Property irregurarity Report).

You are entitled to a compensation of up to €1,164 for each checked baggage and in relation to the damage actually suffered; For airlines which do not comply with the Montreal convention of 1999, the amount of compensation shall be approximately €19 per kg of baggage transported.

It is advisable to take some pictures to the damaged baggage to show the nature of the damage and to estimate the entity.

If the baggage is returned with signs of forced entry and/or tampering you must immediately denounce the incident to the Lost and found office and in case you notice a theft of some of the belongings contained in the suitcase is We recommend that you place a list of them in the Property irregurarity Report (PIR) module.


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