Bankruptcy law

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The Del Monte Law Firm Del Monte specializes in solving complex business-related issues and provides legal assistance and advice to companies, both in the field of extrajudicial and judicial. Professionals can offer, if the entrepreneur pours into one state of insolvency,assistance and legal support in choosing competition procedure between: the pre-emptive agreement that allows the suspension of any possible executive procedure, the Extraordinary Administration of large companies in crisis that guarantees the continuation of the activity, the administration if the entrepreneur is in the temporary difficulty of fulfilling his obligations or the procedure administrative forced liquidation for companies subject to public scrutiny.

Professionals specialize in drafting bankruptcyclaims, opposition to the declaratory judgment of bankruptcy,opposition to the passive state.

The law firm Del Monte also offers legal assistance and advice to creditors,in particular toworkers, for the submission of insinuations tothe passive state, for opposition to the revocations clarification of claims in the context of prior agreements.

  • Bankruptcy Instances
  • Opposition to the declaratory judgment of bankruptcy
  • Opposition to the passive state of bankruptcy
  • Instance of innuendo to the family passive
  • Instance of late insinuation to bankruptcy
  • Pre-emptive agreements
  • Administrative forced liquidations
  • Controlled administration
  • Extraordinary Administration



The Del Monte Law Firm is particularly qualified in the field of debt collection. The activity offered in favour of the creditor assessment of the debtor’s balance sheet with the help of the main databases, drafting a letter of termination and, in the event of non-payment, thejudicial action considered more appropriate to ensure assistance in the delicate phase of executions, supporting and supporting it in the choice of the least expensive executive procedure.

The law firm is also able to offer debtor,who is subject to a court action to recover debts, first providing for the “I’mnot going to go into the right to execute you,” he said. 615 c.p.c. or by holding the singles executive actions with the opposition ex art. 617 c.p.c.

  • Appeal by injunction
  • Precept Act
  • Real estate foreclosure act
  • Third-party foreclosure
  • Summons in opposition to injunction
  • Opposition to the execution of ex art. 615 c.p.c.
  • Appeal in opposition to ex-art executive acts. 617 c.p.c.
  • Third-party opposition

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