Inheritance Successions Lawyer in Rome

Are you looking for a lawyer in Rome for problem concerning inheritance, challenging a holographic will and to have your reserved share recognized?

Do you have issues of inherited division? Do you want to challenge a holographic will?
Do you want to defend your reserved shares?
Do you have to divide the inheritance?
Do you have to accept the inheritance with benefit of inventory?
Do you have to submit the declaration of inheritance?

Del Monte law firm, thanks to the experience gained in many years of activity, provides judicial and out-of-court assistance, in matters of succession and inheritance law.

The hereditary issues are very delicate, we will assist you in every case, indicating the most appropriate and strategic choices to follow; here are a number of topics covered by our study.

For problems related to hereditary successions, holographic wills and waiver, please contact Del Monte law firm.



  • Inheritance consultation
  • Reserved share
  • Holographic will
  • Secret will
  • Public will
  • Living will
  • Inheritance Acceptance
  • Heirs in tail
  • Family pact
  • Trust
  • Judicial action to protect the rightful heir
  • Donations between spouses
  • Donation to children
  • Donation in view of a future marriage
  • Indirect donation
  • Donation with the right of usufruct
  • Revocation of donation
  • Freedom of use
  • Research and study of the provenance of goods
  • Protection of the inheritance before death


  • Drafting of the inheritance declaration and its presentation at the competent offices
  • Cadastral document execution
  • Usufruct meetings
  • Any kind of formal questions related to the succession
  • Inheritance renounce
  • Assistance in public acts
  • Activating of the inheritance plan
  • Drafting wills based on the provisions of the testator
  • Succession plan
  • Verification of the possibilities of disposition (available share, usufruct)
  • Succession plan within the company
  • Custody of wills
  • Custody of provisions of latest will
  • Testamentary execution on behalf of the testator or heirs
  • Protection of interests, execution of the last wills
  • Inventory Preparation
  • Organization of heirs meeting and neutral mediation between them

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