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The Del Monte Law Firm in Rome evaluates the possibility of offering Legal Advice with Free Patronage for the following subjects:

  • Criminal law
  • Juvenile Criminal Law
  • Separation and divorce
  • Shared custody of children
  • Dismissal and appeal
  • Recovery of Work Credits
  • Support Administrator
  • Civil Mediation
  • Criminal Rehabilitation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Procurement workers’ loans
  • Resignation for Just Cause
  • Credit recovery by injunction
  • Access to the over-indebted crisis restructuring procedure

Free Legal Aid

Italiancitizens, EU citizens, foreigners and stateless people residing in the state who are suspected, accused, convicted, civilly responsible or civilly obliged to make amends, offended by the crime (victim of the damaged person who intends to form a civil party.

The instance can appear:

1) Out of court, by filing in the stationery
2) To the Magistrate before whom the judgment hangs

For those subject to a restrictive regime of personal freedom, the application may be submitted to the director of the prison or the judicial police officer.
The application must be submitted personally by the person concerned, with attached photocopy of a valid ID, or it can be submitted by the defender who will have to authenticate the signature of the person who signs the application.

It can also be sent via recommended a/r, with attached photocopy of a valid identity document of the applicant.

The application (a form that can be purchased in the courtroom of the lawyers of the Criminal Court of Rome) , signed by the person concerned, must be attached:

The generalities and tax code of the applicant and the members of his household;

The claim of income received the year prior to the application (self-certification) of the members of the household;

Free Civil Advocacy

The following may be allowed:
The citizens of Italy and other countries belonging to the European Union, foreigners, who regularly stay on the national territory at the time of the emergence of the relationship or the occurrence of the fact that the process to be established, the citizen States that do not belong to the European Union (extra-EU) wishing to challenge the deportation order or decisions on the application for asylum, protection or revocation of refugee status (Article 16 d.lgs. 28 January 2008 no 25), stateless (i.e. (who have no nationality) and entities or associations that do not pursue profit and do not exercise economic activity.

The maximum permissible annual income is 10,766.33.

Required documents:

Original and a copy of the application for admission to legal aid;

Two copies of a valid identity document (for non-EU nationals the Census of the Police);

Two copies of the tax code or health card;

Two copies of the CUD or Mod. 730 or pension certificate;

For divorce:two copies of the study of the counterpart of the separationjudgment;

For appeal, opposition, complaint and the like: two copies use study of the measure to be burdened.

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